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50 Shades and not a whip in sight

Decided to go out for a walk , managing to drag the kids kicking and screaming from their rooms and we ventured out ...... the world felt grey .

I dunno if it had anything to do with the fact that pretty much everything was grey aside from a touch of brown colouring the trees but , the roads , the lake , the sky , the faces - grey .

I always feel quite positive at the start of a new year - new beginnings, fresh start , a blank canvas , but this year , I dunno everything thing feels very uncertain.Under the circumstances thats not really a surprise , a pandemic , lack of work , peoples health , so many people dying , the economy , Brexit , all creating a very uncertain future .

There have been positives though .I have spent a lot more time with my children , writers block aside I ve composed loads of new songs over the months , forged new friendships , new musical collaborations that are pretty exciting , walked a lot more and talked face to face with normally distant friends via skype or the new flavour of the month Zoom .Seeing another human face makes all the diiference in the world when we re locked away as we are at present .Thanks to one of my lovely friends we managed to maintain our weekly ukulele group by having a 40-60 minute chat on zoom .It certainly helped me to feel not so isolated , that there was a world going on out there , albeit a very strange and at the moment scary one. Not that we actually played our ukuleles ...though some would say that's a good thing - not me tho lol .

Nature doesnt stop tho , not for a pandemic, not for death , not for joy , not for anything , nature has been the one constant that has certianly helped me to feel that things do change, that things are moving forward, be it good or bad but hopefully good .You see the trees change colour , the days are longer ( 10 minutes a week I heard ) , it will get warmer again but first ....PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can we have snow ....... 50 shades of white .......... that ll do me and actually looking at a photo I took 2 days ago , it wasnt all that dreary after all ...

Sorry Mr Grey you ll have to take your proclivities elsewhere .

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