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Who needs sleep

No rest for the wicked as they say ......its been a busy busy month , but you won't hear me complaining ....I should say not especially after this last year.

So what's occurring as they say ....

Well I actually had an official gig for the wonderful AberJazz Festival on 1st May .God I was nervous - it had been so long actually having to leave the house to do a gig , I d almost forgotten lol...well almost but not quite.

Performing at the live streamed gig at Aberjazz Festival 2021 in Fishguard

As I Pete and I were performing a lot of my new songs written over lockdown a lot of rehearsal was needed - thankfully my blue bench outside my house came to good use so we could rehearse outside without worry of passing on any lurge.

The big day came and the weather leaving Cardiff was awful but by the time we got to Fishguard it was glorious sunshine - sun shines on the righteous as they say ( ahem ) .

Great gig - we played for about 40 minutes and the film crew and sound guys were fabulous.Lovely to see Alice and Paul Stonhold too who organise the Festival funded by the arts council .

So the a day of rest and I was off to See Wild Willy Barrett and Mary on Monday 3rd May to record some videos for Willys show . I picked the right day to drive on the motorway , with 60 mph winds and monsoon like rain . We had a lovely time and a real laugh and went through some of the songs we normally perform in our set when touring the UK .....needless to say I couldn't remember some of the words as its been a bloody age since we performed .

We had a great day though and just shows how great Mary and Willy are as musicians - I suggest we try a new sin I d written called Lullaby and they d not played it before - well 10 minutes later we were filming and recording it and I have to say their playing was absolutely beautiful.Have a listen .........

So having survived the winds and rain ...I then had to travel up to mid Wales and rehearse with a wonderful songwriter , author Wyn Thomas in preparation for recording his album .Id forgotten how glorious mid Wales is .

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