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A day in the life

I was lying in bed earlier ...not sleeping per .... certain tunes going through my head and thinking about all the things that have happened this week. Its always the same when I cant sleep ...earworm central , and trying to solve all insolvable problems that I havent been able to solve since forever but always pop into my head when I really need to get some zzzzzz's .Drives me scatty . Also I had an oven engineer fixerupper coming at 7.30 am ( REALLY !!! ) to mend my very poorly oven after I very successfully managed to set fire to it - I do seem to have a certain skill set - break everythin I touch .So of course that was playing through my head too , whether I'd hear the door , shall I just stay up , wonder if its the same person as before , will they have all the parts that need replacing , i wonder what the serial number is ....etc etc . Everything you really DONT need to be thinking about get the drift . I know I m on a different time clock to everyone else so getting up at 7.30am is just rude in my world but I managed to be very polite and coherant after one hours sleep star for Me .

So yes anyway this week ......its been a good and bad week in equal measure so far .3 of my lovely friends have had birthdays which is always nice , so lots of lovely Zoom calls and cake ( well you have to join in - rude not to ) . I finished a song or was that last week ...well anyway still chuffed and now working on another .

Entered a songwriting competition for the over 50's .Boom - for the first time I m chuffed to actually fall into that category.First prize the chance to record at Abbey Rd studio - OMG - how monstrously cool would that be.Who knows - if you dont try these things you ll never know .

The sad bits - My friend's lovely cat passed away the day after her birthday , which for anyone who s had a pet will know the grief and heartache you have when they leave you .It doesnt matter how old they are ..its never long enough - EVER .There should be a rule that once they re with you thats it - they re immortal lol .

And Cpt Tom - bless him - succumbed to this bloody virus ....after all this time .... it feels like falling at the last hurdle now the vaccine is here - I know he was 100 , which lets face it is a ridiculously good age to go , but I think we all took him to our hearts coz he reminded us all of our Dads/Grandads.He had such grace ,honour and determination raising money for the NHS the way he did in the only way he knew he could .But what a difference he made .In the dark months of the initial lockdown he inspired us all I think. We saw that the actions and courage of one man MAKE A DIFFERENCE .Just goes to show what one person can achieve.Never say ' its only me I cant change anything ' , WRONG - if you re determined enough you will .

As for the rest of the week , well we 'll see .The oven s been fixed anyway - so thats good. Now where's the kids - they need to make me a cuppa - its EARLY ... MEGAN !!!!!

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Wrote another song the other night .....god I was so chuffed .Not saying its any good but just the fact that I got something done - that I created something . Something had pissed me off the other day

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03 feb 2021

You DO have a very different time frame for bedtime from mine these days, but nevertheless 7am is still very early for workmen calling! Feel for you.xx

Enjoy the rest of your week, and get some SLEEP!!

Me gusta
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