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Do some housework - pppffff

Its been a while since I said Hi - so Hi everyone - had lots of ' other stuff ' going on so been a bit remiss in the website department

But. I m back recording again .....I m not complaining at all obviously had to be done and as I me getting more and more used to Logic its getting easier.

I m still horrible at mixing - really haven't a clue - I end up sending everything to myself via email to see how it sounds on my phone and stomping round the lake playing the track over and over to see what needs tweaking.By the time I ve got home of course I ve forgotten what needs doing - ho hum.

I have been writing quite a bit too recently , which was good as I was getting very frustrated at not seeming to ' get anywhere ' or have any ideas ...they all sounded the same and I was annoying myself .

Sometimes its good to take a step back and a breather so I m back at it with a vengeance thankfully .

I m in the middle of putting some vids together for some of my songs so will add to the website once they re done .

Ok over and out for now ...maybe I should do some hoovering .......... yeah maybe not

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