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Went on a very short but exceptionally enjoyable holiday to Margate .....Maaaarrrrgate ....donkey rides and 99's ....well actually it was more sunsets , comedy clubs , beaches and vintage shops .....blummin lovely it was .....its been over 8 years since I ve had a little holiday - always been gigging or too skint or both . My Brother moved there from London and lives in a gorgeous flat so Myself and the kids went for a jolly ....I did not want to leave , especially with sunsets like that ....... it was so good just pottering around - walk to the end of my Brother's street and the beach is right there - was absolutely spoilt - I absolutely cant wait to go back.

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This will be short and sweet .......went for a walk today - it was sunny - saw a heron and some spring flowers - at least if that nutter in Russia blows us all sky high I can say I experienced bit

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