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Just ' Be '

Hi all - its been a while .Been so busy recently - lots of colaborations and recordings and the like.Not complaining obviously as I like to be busy but i tired something yesterday which is very alien to me .

I sat in the graden the other day and forced myself to not take my phone / ipad / book or anything else that might warrant attention .I gotta say - it felt really really odd. Just sitting and not doing anything for 5 / 10 minutes .

I thinks its one one those things where we feel unless we re doing ' somthing ' we re being lazy and time wasting when actually just taking a few minutes to just ' be ' is a good thing allows you to clarify your thoughts without distraction , it did feel strange though .

So what else have i been up to ...well a cd lockdown collaboration I did with the wonderful Phil Nedin is done and able to purchase .Just a chance email ' fancy doing a vocal on this song ' ended up being a 14 track cd of some of my fave tunes and 4 originals written by Phil and Myself ....heres the link to the shop if you re interested :-) shop .

Its funny how the lockdown has been a blessing and a curse .....a blessing because I ve had the time to write so much music and colab with some wonderful people that maybe wouldnt have normally.

Anyway just a quickie today - hope you re all well .


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