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As loathe as I am to say this - I think I m going to have to sell' Kermie 'my camper van - bless his 4 wheels . but he s never been used as he should have been used - when I bought him things kicked off musically and it wasn't practical to drive him from gig to gig , so he s been left standing outside my house . He s very useful for storing crap from my spare room but that's no good for heavens sake - its a waste of a lovely vehicle .

Sad coz when I drive him I feel like the coolest person on the planet irrespective of whether that's true or not - I feel cool - I imagine myself to be this edgy , hip , worldly chill person without a care in the world ...that of course couldn't be further from the truth but hey ho .

He needs a good home where he ll be cherished


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