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Look at the time .....

The is the time of night I get creative ....what is it about 3 am ?

I saw a meme - somewhere on social media , saying how 3am is the time of poets and writers and musicians and artists etc etc - you get the drift ....well what can I say - I aint arguing - here I am - 2.59 am - wide awake - faffing about on the computer , writing , recording , tweaking ( in a non drug sense ) .

I love this time of night .I ve always been the same.When I was a child I d read till the early hours of the morning - anything I could lay my hands on , one might almost say I was obsessed, but then I ve always loved books , my house is FULL of them and I find it very difficult to ever throw them out.

So yes like I said I love this time of night - its quiet ..ish , everyone's asleep , well the kids are supposed to be - and I always start finding things to do - I ll go and clean the bathroom on a whim , I mean lets face it its not something I think about that often , and that's not saying I have a dirty house , I just mean I m not planning my day around cleaning the bog or the washing up.

My day will start with the obligatory cuppa - usually tea but if I m feeling especially knackered then a coffee , a quick browse on the book of face for a while and then since Covid reared its ugly head go for a walk.I usually take my headphones and listen to my songs as I m striding purposefully around the lake or the park or wherever .I find this really helps me after I ve recorded them as I m listening with ' fresh ears ' and know what needs to be changed or re-recorded. Then feeding time once I m back and check how many steps I ve done - thank you Fitbit and feel virtuous for a while that I ve done some exercise.Then if the Kids aren't glued to the TV I ll fire up the Mac and start doing some recording.

The last few weeks all I ve been doing is covers which is fine but I really want to get back to doing some of my own stuff, I just haven't had the inclination.No that's not right I ve had the inclination I ve just not had the inspiration.Too many other ' things ' going on I guess , Christmas , another lockdown, few issues in the house etc ...all adding up to not getting down to it , I need a kick up the arse.Maybe I need to set a time period where each day / evening I dedicate an hour to writing lyrics - any old rubbish just write ...bit like I m doing now really ....and then you never know something good may come of it - a couple of lines , the odd turn of phrase , then another hour faffing about on Garage band or Logic and the piano trying out tunes , chord progressions etc . You never know I might write a masterpiece , then again ....this is more likely lol

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