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Singers Block

So its a new year and I have loads of recording to do , a musical to write ....and what am I doing .....wtaching Netflix .....its a curse and a blessing , and if I m not watching Netflix , I m trawling Prime Video or Acorn or Britbox .....argghhhhhhh someone stop me .Give me some inspiration .It seems to have blown away like storm Bella ........ The picture below just about sums up how I m feeling at the moment , trying to stay positive , not get bogged down with all the depressing news , wondering am I ever going to gig again , hug anyone or anything - I d settle for hugging a tree ....actually that's not a bad idea ....maybe a jolly to the park will do it , satisfy my natural inclination to touch , to hug ...I m very tactile normally so watch out when all this ends lol ...only kidding.

Anyway back to talking about my Singers block. I think quite a few people have been 'creatively ' disrupted by this pandemic. You d think with all the extra time we ve had ( well some of us , not the amazing Frontliners ) that we would sit serenely at our piano / desk / computer / easel etc etc and let the power of Mozart / Van Gogh / Steve Jobs be channelled through us and create a masterpiece .Recently all I ve been channelling is the TV and Netflix.

I started off well back in March .I had been SO busy gigging ( and no that's not me moaning sob ) that when the enforced lockdown occurred it was such a change for me to be at home that I posotively relished the 'time ' with my kids , with the chance to sit in the garden in the sun , go for walks and so I was determined to " do ' something with it .To be fair to myself I did. I wrote a lot of songs , changed arrangements , got involved in lots of lockdown collaborations #plaguesongs being one and various other recording projects which I ve LOVED doing with a capital L . The time has gone on , the days have passed , we had Halloween , then Nov 5th and then Christmas to sustain us , or at least give us something to look forward to .I was supposed have had a New Years Eve gig , but obviously that was cancelled due to the new lockdown Tier 4 thingamy...... So now the New Year stretches out before me ....the piano sits quietly and it desperately needs a tuning , the uKe lies forlornly, gazing resentfully at the TV , my lyric book remains open on a blank page waiting for ' automatic writing ' to kick in ........ where's bloody Wordsworth when you need him eh ?

What am I waiting for , its not like I ve got anything else to do ...or have I .....theres a house to sort out ...yeah well maybe not , I ve decided I need a plethora of ' helpers ' ..... a cook a cleaner , a DIY expert ..... a muse .....maybe my new Kittens will be just that #loiusandseren

So where oh where has my momentum gone .....where for art thou Muse ....maybe I just need to go hug a tree theres an idea !!!!!!

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08 janv. 2021

Stop thinking about writing music and just open your mind/heart/feelings/reminiscences/longings to will come...stop trying. Your creativity needs a break X


Dave Daggers
Dave Daggers
08 janv. 2021

I use to live on Writers Block


08 janv. 2021

Okay mz jane, that's the face, the pretty looks. So lets get cracking no more fracking. Youre home vacation is over. A beautiful young lady as yourself are not quite ready for retiring. So shake your head with that beautiful hair on it regouressly and hop to it. Hahhaha, go gettem girl. Aloha, Milton.

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