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What is this K-Pop you speak of

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

So picture the scene - March 2020 - lockdown - 2 teenage Kids at home , to be fair very good and not moaning too much - that was just me .

The Kpop word was mentioned - I looked at my daughter blankly - had I missed out on some sort of new cereal or revolting fruity zero sugar fizzy drink I had not - nor am I as old as I sound right now ...ok well maybe I am but still .

Anyhoo I digress K-Pop is by all accounts Korean pop ....and absolutely MASSIVE in said country and most places in Asia - they also unbeknownst to me have a massive following in the UK and America and even have those Funkopops Dolls ( who knew ) and loads of stuff in HMV and online .

It opened a whole new world to me and made me feel very old as all the boys in the K pop bands are exceptionally beautiful and extremely androgynous .....


My Daughter introduced me to such bands as BTS #bts - probably the most well know of the K Pop idols as they ve recently had a UK hit with Dynamite , WayV #WAYV, NCT , Seventeen , Exo , Got7 ....the list goes on and on.I have to say that initially I was tolerant but not really interested in any of their songs but as sometimes happens when trying to get over a phobia and using the total immersion technique I have grown to really like some of the music and respect their dedication and exceptional hard work.Most of the bands all live together if they re prepping for a tour or album and as such they ve created a precedent that really captured the hearts of their many many fans - a seemingly simple concept but it seems to work - they post videos of themselves doing day to tasks , dance practices , video blogs , most days and so the fans see them as ' real ' people and feel like they re getting to know them ...would that work here in this country ...I don't know , different culture so maybe not but it certainly works there and has made them all huge stars .


The only draw back - I feel a right perve as they re all about 25. There's no hope for me clearly ....thank you Daughter for introducing me to something new ........ but looking at those beauts doesn't half make me feel old .

PS - she s still watching them back to back on Youtube

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Dave Daggers
Dave Daggers
Jan 08, 2021

Donald Trump likes KKKpop Nice photo I shall have a listen to Kpop

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